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Building a New Page to Add a Staff Member to Your Site

Just a quick clarification about website updates to add new employees, attorneys, etc:
  • FREE UPDATE: If you have a general staff page and just want us to add the new employee’s name, photo and bio TO THAT PAGE, there is no charge.
  • PAID SERVICE: However, if you have a separate page for each of your attorneys or staff members and want us to BUILD A NEW PAGE for that person, this type of change will incur a very small charge of $125 to $175, depending on the complexity of the page.Why? Because building a new bio page for a new staff member is not as simple as you might think. Here’s what is required to do it properly: First, the page has to be built — that is actually the easy part! Then, all the stuff you don’t see also has to be done: the file name has to be updated, the meta tags updated and on-page SEO completed, the canonical ref links, the image alt, a redirect has to be put in place when appropriate, the navigation has to be updated, the About Us page has to be updated, the new person’s image has to be cropped and optimized for the web, and the sitemap has to be updated and submitted to the search engines.
Botom Line: If we update a page, no charge. If we build a new page, there is a small charge for that.
Updated on September 2, 2022

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