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Providing Web Content Edits

For website page content changes that aren’t easily itemized in a ticket, we request that you provide the changes via “track changes” in MS Word. 

  1. In your browser – visit the page you wish to update.
  2. Please paste the page URL into the top of the document, so we know which page we are updating.
  3. Copy the main text from the page.
  4. Paste into MS Word
  5. Turn on “Track Changes,” found under the Review tab in newer versions.
  6. Make any edits to the content you wish (you should see markups appear once you start editing).
  7. Save document.
  8. Submit the attachment with your ticket.

This method will ensure the quickest turnover on our end. Please do this for each web page you wish to edit.


Updated on October 3, 2018

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